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Nowadays the world is making a 180 degree turn : indeed we are living a real digital transition, which involves a full dematerialization in almost every sector. So it becomes difficult to miss it, especially since the accession of the internet during the last decade. From now on everything or nearly happens on the web, and it is absolutely essential to keep up with what is going on to not be left on the touchline. That is why many people choose to create their own website. To do this some of them call upon specialized agencies, but some others choose to educate theirselves to web development to save money. However, it is essential to know that you cannot turn into a developer to the next overnight : indeed it is an extremely complex activity, which calls for very accurate skills. Luckily, it is quite easy to get some information and to learn to code on the Internet.

PHP blog

Our blog gathers one of the biggest developers communities of the web : indeed you will be able to chat online with many other development lovers, and especially php lovers. You will also be able to find some tips and tricks to well use php, and share yours to helps your fellows as well.

Learn PHP

Firstly, you have to know that php is the perfect language to begin if you want to learn development : indeed it is a very simple and intuitive language, which enables anybody to get a foothold in the development with no computer science credentials. Moreover, you have to know that php is the most used development language in the world : so it is very easy to find some people who know this language, to obtain some information and get some help to start. No matter what happens, you will never be alone to create your website with php : there will always be someone to help you !