The development of a web application

Developing a web application gives you an application that will be accessible from any browser on any device. Plus, unlike native apps, they don't require a download.

To understand how to develop a web application, you must first know a little more about this type of development. In this article, we provide you with five types of web applications, some examples, and other considerations that you may find helpful.

Examples of web applications

Many companies choose to build web applications to improve user interaction with their services. This is why you might be using some of them in your daily activities without even knowing it!

Google, for example, has a web app version of all of its services: Calendar, Drive, Maps, Gmail, YouTube… The web app version of these portals is very similar to native applications.

Another example, in this case of an online store web application, is the giant Amazon. Again, it offers a very similar experience to the native app and also has a web app version for its Amazon Video and Amazon Music platforms.

Sometimes the programming of a web application is done in such a way that a mobile application is also accessible from the computer. This is the example of the instant messaging platform WhatsApp or Telegram. Both allow you to read your conversations, send messages, access multimedia files.

Considerations for developing a web application

Each type of web php application development has its strengths and weaknesses, but we remind you that at the end of the day, it is always a web application, not a native application. Depending on the design given to the web application, it is true that its appearance can be very similar to that of a native application.



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