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To be able to define a script, you need a context. As a general rule, we call script a small portion of code written in a computer language. Here we have a particular category of computer languages: scripting languages ​​that are used to perform simple actions. They are advanced languages ​​but do not have the power of the classic programming languages ​​such as: C ++, C, C #, Java ...
The scripting languages ​​are for example: Perl, Php, Javascript ...
Most of these languages ​​are involved in the design of web pages, to make a page dynamic or interactive (to propose a dialogue with the user).

What is a PHP script?

A php script is a code written in php. This code (which can make 20 lines, as it can make 200 lines) is executed on the side of the server, that is to say that this piece of code asks the server to do something.

Small history on script language

The scripting language is usually run from files containing the source code of the program that will be interpreted. Historically, they were created to shorten the traditional process of developing edition-compilation-publishing links-execution specific to compiled languages. The first languages ​​were often referred to as "Job Control Language" (JCL) because they simply made it possible to automate a succession of simple commands, in the manner of a theater "script". Subsequently, they were provided with conditional executions, and finally with loop orders and operators transforming them into quasi-programming languages.
PHP scripts

There are scripts in PHP to achieve:

- blogs, calendars, newsletters, galleries, forums, ... To see the list of the best PHP scripts, click on "list". You can directly download the script you need.

- CMS are also scripts. To download the best CMS in PHP for php developers, click on the "CMS" tab.

- For enterprise solutions, go to the "CRM-ERP" tab.

- For e-commerce solutions, see the "e-commerce" tab.

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